How to Practice Yoga at Home By Tam Dinho

Starting a yoga practice can be scary. The person has to take into account their level of commitment when starting a yoga practice. Some individuals prefer doing yoga a couple of times a week, while hardcore yoga enthusiasts do practice every day of the week. There are also social norms a person must consider when starting a yoga practice. A male might feel uncomfortable doing yoga because of the male-female ratio in yoga class sessions. Or a female could feel anxiety in a yoga class because of her perceived body image compared to everyone else. Regardless of these issues, the individual still has to consider the fact that they must pay an ongoing monthly fee to continue their yoga practices. With the internet on the rise, it makes this possible to start or continue a yoga practice at home without worrying about social norms and ongoing monthly costs.

There is so much information on the internet regarding yoga. The different forms of yoga, numerous stretches, and many teaching philosophies makes yoga a learning subject itself. Essentially, choosing the right kind of yoga can be a difficult task. Any yoga is better than none at all. In fact, simply focusing on your breath each day is far more beneficial in health than doing nothing. The person will have increased mood, better posture, and bring more happiness in their life when doing any form of yoga practice.

If a person wants to reap the full effects of yoga, then Ashtanga Yoga might be for you. The practice is one of the most physically demanding yoga forms out there. Ashtanga requires strength, flexibility, and maintaining a routine practice each day. A person can start an Ashtanga practice at home without having to pay monthly costs to become part of a local Ashtanga clinic. This provides the individual with lower monthly costs, but also lowering transportation costs as well. Doing Ashtanga at home gives you the freedom when you want to practice, but also manages time by not having to drive back and forth to your local yoga clinic.

Ashtanga Yoga will challenge a person's physical capacities, but also test one's mental capacities as well. The rewards of Ashtanga are numerous, which includes better health, increased flexibility and strength, and a mindset that will put you into a deep state of awareness. Whether you're doing Ashtanga at home, or any form of yoga at a local clinic, the benefits of a regular yoga practice are worth the cause. Keep practicing. Namaste.

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All About The Yoga and Meditation - By Rinku Kumar Garg

Yoga, which is basically derived from the Sanskrit language, has become very popular among the fitness lovers off late. The fitness freaks now prefer yoga and meditation than the modern methods of weight training. Yoga has an interesting history to it, which was started in India, but has been globalized and adopted by people from different parts of the world.

Types: There are innumerable types of yoga in the form of asana's, with various positions and variations. Some of them help in improving flexibility and agility in the body, while some of them help to get rejuvenated and relaxed s with the help of different breathing techniques. The topmost and the most well -known yoga positions are the following:

Bhakti Yoga: Considered as the oldest and traditional type of yoga, purely emphasizing on being spiritual. This is where meditation comes into play and is practiced with devotion chanting prayers and others devotionals songs.

Jnana Yoga: The person who practices Jnana Yoga, can gain control over his senses, along with it comes the ability to have strong power of concentration and strengthens mind.

Mantra Yoga: Mantra yoga is practiced to attain peace of mind and to increase the ability to focus better. Chanting the mantras with a sense of purpose performs this. This helps in curing up mental disorders by cleansing mind and reduce any pressures or stress.

Benefits of Yoga:

1. Yoga helps in improving the flexibility of body.
2. Regular practice of yoga makes the body & mind to be in control.
3. The blood pressure in the bosy can be brought under control with performing various types of asanas.
4. Certain asanas helps in rectifying any wrong postures in the body and gives a better alignment to the body.

However, before practicing any asanas or kriyas, it is advisable to perform under any expert's monitoring.


Meditation is an act or practice in which an individual trains his/her mind in such a way that it focuses on a particular thought to achieve a higher state of mind. There are various advantages of meditating from reducing the stress levels to the increase of concentration and also many others.

Benefits of Meditation:

1. Firstly, meditating improves respiratory system.
2. It also reduces the rate of heartbeat and improves the flow of blood.
3. Improves the power of concentration.
4. Meditation also helps in improving the memory.
5. It not only reduces the stress and anxiety levels, but also helps in gaining self-confidence.
6. By practicing meditation regularly, it helps in achieving higher state of mind giving a sense of clarity in our vision.
7. Self-control and better co-ordination of mind body and soul can be achieved.
8. Any kind of mental disorders or any other issues, which affect the mind, can be sorted out by meditating.
9. It also makes an individual wiser and helps in better clarity of thought,
Thus helps in making better decision.
10. Apart from these factors there are many benefits of meditation, which helps in achieving stability of mind in terms of emotional, spiritual and physical aspects as well.

In this article, you get an idea about what is Yoga and Meditation, the advantages and the benefits of yoga. Thus practicing yoga and meditation helps in achieving better control over our body and mind. Also performing these asanas should be monitored by an expert in order avoid any untoward injuries or cramps.

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