Who is the Right Yoga Teacher for You

Seeking a qualified yoga instructor can be challenging - there are certain basic attributes for excellence if you want good results from the yoga practices you are learning.

OM Chanting and Mantras in Yoga

This article explains the power of OM chanting and Mantras and why religious blocks and skepticism should not come in the way.

Tension - Its Cause and Release

We strive for mental peace all the time. The more we strive for it, the more it seems elusive. Due to our living ways,

The Ayurveda Approach to Disease

In Ayurveda, disease is treated by understanding Individual body types. What is medicine for one, may be poison for another. To put it in modern lingo, Ayurveda offers customized solutions to health disorders.

Yoga and Asthma - The role of Yoga Therapy

Understand the dynamics of Asthma, the medical perspective as well as the yoga approach in its management therapy.

Bandhas - Energy Locks

Energy Locks help manipulate the energy flows in your body and overcome disturbances created by faulty energy flows. Read more on these Energy Locks called Bandhas in Yoga

Pranayama - the Bridge towards Improved Health and Spirituality

The life force that runs through us can be manipulated by Yoga techniques of Pranayama, helping us lead a fuller and healthier life. Understand Pranayama benefits and techniques through this article

Effects of yoga practice on metabolic factors associated with aging

We hear of yogis living to a very old age. In his book Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda speaks of Trailanga Swami, who was reputed to be over 300 years old, and Shankari Mai Jiew, who was born in 1826, was still alive in 1946.

Why be Spiritual?

Before we delve into why one should be spiritual, we should understand what is meant by being spiritual.

What is TURIYA ?

Turiya is a state of mind which one achieves when he is rid of mental impressions and mental bondages of time and space.

Changing Wives- Is this the solution?

After a couple of years or maybe even months of marriage, a man gets bored of his wife. He starts finding her incompatible, too demanding, too nagging or simply not as attractive.

Attitude For Weight Loss

what I have to say is not about any diet plan or exercise plan, but about how we feel; about what we think, and how that really makes what we are.

Rise of Disease

Our bodily functions are controlled by a complex play of various hormones, enzymes and chemicals. The production of these chemicals is done by the pituitary-pineal-hypothalamus gland complex in our brain. The brain acts after getting the signals from the mind.

Balanced Yoga as important as Balanced Diet

We all are aware that we need to have a balanced diet - the right proportion of proteins , carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Having too much or too less of any of these nutrients will lead to an imbalanced body and disease. Similarly, our personality too needs to be fed the right balance of emotion, intellect and physical components.

Preventing Swine Flu with Yoga

Yoga has always held that one can make their bodies resistant to withstand the onslaught of multifarious disorders. The solution lies in prevention instead of the cure. When looked at this way, the answers are almost invariably the same. More importantly, they are quite simple. All it requires is a `prevention mindset' and a little discipline to adhere to it.

Religion and Yoga

Limiting Yoga as Hindu religion is incorrect and shortsighted. Examine this in the right perspective through the following article.

TALASANA - A Strong Message to Mankind

To learn Indian classical music, no matter which music school or Gharana you go to, the way very first Raga you will be taught is 'Raga Bhupali' or Bhoopali because it is easy to teach for a teacher and easy to learn for a student. The same way, no matter which Yoga school you go to, the 1st pose is taught Talasan or "Tadasan" a Palm-tree pose.

I Know YOGA!

In any social, cultural or spiritual functions, I'm introduced to others as a Yoga Teacher / Therapist, the first sentence in conversation starts from the opposite person with Oh! I also know yoga !

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Now a days, Yoga is taken as a fitness, show off or a social status symbol of 'A Class society' Any celebrity says that he/she practices Yoga, and then it becomes a status symbol When a patient is advised by a family doctor or a specialist to practice Yoga.

Diet and Yoga

In Yoga, it is said that `What you eat is what you are.' Meaning the food has a direct impact on human mind, personality and behavior. After all Yoga is basically a healthy life style for spiritual upliftment!

Yoga Education

Education takes place when, the person is open to any new learning experience at any age, time and place with an open mind. The person who is open to learn Yoga, he has to go through all the stages and learn all the aspects.

Equanimity of the Seven Chakras

Rest your body on the floor either in the Savasana (Corpse) or Sukhasana (Easy) pose. Close your eyes and begin to allow your mind to to quiet. See nothing and hear nothing. For a moment allow yourself to erase any thoughts or sounds that have been occupying your mind. Feel the peacefulness and tranquility in you and around you.

Karma Yoga-5 Popular Myths

We often feel that we are on the path of Karma Yoga when, in fact, we are just being drawn in the opposite direction. Understand the popular myths surrounding this wonderful subject

Neti Pot - The Right Choice

With the sudden popularity, it is now more important for a user to be careful and discerning when choosing to buy a neti pot.

Attitude Training in Yoga Therapy

In yoga therapy there are many misconceptions. Most of the asana and Pranayam are classified as if they are for particular physical or mental problems.